33 Queen Street, Brisbane

DMA Engineers
Description of Works Carried Out: 

This project involved the supply and installation of air conditioning and mechanical services systems to serve the 10 storey office building at the above address. The project included:

~       Supply and installation of Chilled Water System incorporating:

o   Two 500kW Air Cooled Screw Chillers

o   Chilled Water Pumps with VSD control

o   Chilled Water Storage Tank

o   Air Handling Units with VSD control

o   Pressure Independent VAV heaters

o   Chilled Water Reticulation and Ductwork

~       Supply and installation of mechanical services systems. Systems included:

o   Stair Pressurisation Systems

o   Lobby Relief System

o   Fire Control Room Ventilation

o   Amenities Exhaust Systems

o   Outside Air Supply Systems.

o   Carpark Exhaust System

~       Supply and installation of Mechanical Switchboards and DDC controls to operate the above plant and equipment.

~       Coordination of site works with builder.

NEBB Certified Commissioning of the completed systems.