About System Air

A system Air ute
System Air employs approximately forty full time staff along with a number of selected specialist contractors to carry out and administer installation and service works.
Our employees include:
~       Installation, Project & Service Managers
~       Design Engineers
~       Draftsmen
~       Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics (HVAC)
~       Electricians
~       Mechanical Plumbers
~       Commissioning Technicians
~       Engineering Machinists
~       Sheet Metal Workers
~       Apprentices
~       Administration Staff, such as Operational Coordinators and Work Health & Safety Coordinators

Our Business Management System

Our company has a strong customer service focus and we strive to continuously improve our service levels. To this end, System Air has implemented a Business Management System to ensure our clients receive reliable and consistent levels of service. Our Business Management System has been third party certified by SAI Global in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

Certificate Number: QEC22486